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SOSWebScan gives you full power to defeat the IFRAME / SCRIPT BADWARES which are the biggest thing to stop your websites. Dont worry SOSWebScan can easily removes them from your site and make your site updated & IFRAME/SCRIPT Badwares Free.

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Now-a-days web based malwares(like gumbler,trojans) are highly spreading on internet that may affect your website content,traffic & reputation. These kind of malwares are appended to your files,database and all writable things on your webserver.

As a result your site will get status of “Reported Attack Site” on major search engines. I have developed a solution (SOSWebScan) that will remove all iframe related malwares,virus and badwares from your webpages.

If you are technical person then you can easily remove iframe malwares from your website. To remove malwares just follow the steps :::

  1. Check for <iframe src=”xxx:port_no/path”></iframe> in your webpage source code.
  2. For joomla users check same thing in your index.php file
  3. For WordPress users check same thing in your wp-content/themes/andyourthemefolder/

And if you have found above mentioned pattern from your webpages or database then please remove it. And submit your website to google webmaster tools. Google will review your application and remove “reported attack site” status from your website. Google will take atleast 24-48 Hrs.

If you are non-technical person then use SOSWebScan to remove webmalwares from your websites.
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