SOSWebscan makes your website IFRAME BADWARE free. Its very easy to install on your server and it will not eat your bandwidth.

Get ready to be a free from “REPORTED ATTACK SITE” message on your website
Use SOSWebScan and always away from above shown message on your website

SOSWebScan gives you full power to defeat the IFRAME BADWARES which are the biggest thing to stop your websites. Dont worry SOSWebScan can easily removes them from your site and make your site updated & IFRAME Badwares Free.

  • Scans each file on your Web Server.
  • Remove IFRAME related badwares.
  • Keep your site updated and badwares free every hour.
  • Its simply take a backup of your valuable file(with prefix of “bak_sosweb_scan_”) and then remove a badware from file.
  • Generate Scan Logs.
  • Generate Sitemap to scan your site.
  • Its fast and run at server background.
  • Keeps you away from “REPORTED AS ATTACK SITE” on your website.

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